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Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

ADVANCE ENGLISH sincerely attempts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained on this prospectus. However, ADVANCE ENGLISH makes no guarantee, warranty or promise, explicit or implied, concerning the content or accuracy of the documents appearing in this prospectus. Users must refer to the college for final confirmation of information provided on the prospectus. Details of courses or services available on this prospectus do not imply an obligation on the part of the ADVANCE ENGLISH to offer them in a given term or semester, or in the manner described herein. ADVANCE ENGLISH reserves the right to alter information on this prospectus at any time without notice. ADVANCE ENGLISH will endeavour to correct any inaccuracies reported in any information stored on the prospectus immediately as well as in a timely manner. ADVANCE ENGLISH accepts no liability for any loss or damages a person suffers because that person has directly or indirectly relied on any information stored on this prospectus.  ADVANCE ENGLISH, its agents or employees expressly disclaim any liability for loss of any kind arising directly, or indirectly, out of the use of this information. No information is intended to convey any offer or placement within the college. ADVANCE ENGLISH is committed to the protection of personal information. ADVANCE ENGLISH will strictly adhere to the provisions of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 in relation to the personal information it acquires, holds, uses or communicates relating to students, staff or other persons.

Students providing personal information to the provider should be aware that the information provided to ADVANCE ENGLISH may be made available to the Commonwealth and State Agencies and the fund manager of the ESOS Assurance Fund, pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code. ADVANCE ENGLISH is required, under s19 of the ESOS Act 2000, to inform the department about certain changes to the student’s enrolment; and any breach by the student of a student visa condition relating to attendance or satisfactory academic performance.